Bin Crew Leader

  • Company: Canton Construction
  • Reports to: Supervisor
  • Hourly rate: Based on experience

Job description:
Full Time Employment
Crew Leader needs to have leadership skills and the ability to manage and work well with the crew. Projects vary and require communication and cooperation. Being self-motivated is a large plus.

      The job will require equipment preparation and job site management.
      You will be on the road overnight 4-8 months a year
      Working on site 50-70 hours per week.
      You will work 4-8 months in the shop.

Crew leadership requires excellent organizational skills andthe ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently. One must be able to read and build structures from written instructions.

Most important is being dependable. Without crew leadership the orew is lost! Making sure you can be counted on is a must! Drug Free, Equal Opportunity Employment Employer.

Please contact us at 605-987-2626 for details about this position.

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